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For OBSTETRIC EXAMINATIONS, empty your bladder before drinking 500mls of water 1 hour prior to your appointment – DO NOT empty your bladder until after your ultrasound.

GYNAECOLOGICAL EXAMINATION – please try to book in first half of cycle.

MIRENA IUCD insertion is done after discussion with your doctor. You will need to bring the IUCD to the appointment. A consultation with our doctor is necessary on the day to discuss the procedure and we will perform an ultrasound to check the device placement.

DEEP ENDOMETRIOSIS SCREEN – this is a detailed scan looking for endometriosis in the bowel or pelvis. This requires a laxative bowel preparation which will be sent to you when you book your scan.

Please bring a current referral from your Doctor with any previous scans or results to your appointment.

FAMILY VISITORS: We try to make your visit an enjoyable experience and family members are welcome, but please respect that this is first and foremost a medical examination. The normal noisiness of small children and frequent interruptions can easily become distracting to the sonographer doing the scan. It is their prerogative to ask family members to leave the examination room if they feel it is compromising their ability to perform the examination.

Resources for Patients

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